5 Good Buys From Taobao [Part II]

*conversion to SGD excludes credit card fees and shipping cost from China to Singapore*

Penguin Top RMB69 (~SGD14)

The first one came from the shop that I really liked, I featured it before in Part I of this series. 
My friends called it the penguin top (from the back) because it looked like what conductors would wear when they conduct music in concert halls. 
The material is thin, though I would like it to be a little more structured, best paired with high waist shorts or if you have a flat stomach, you can always show it off with a pair of low waist shorts as well! 

Sleeveless act formal vest RMB63 (~SGD13)

This one saved my life a few times because I don't usually wear decent clothes anywhere. So by pairing your pjs not-so-formal clothes with this, you suddenly look very professional aiseh. Comes with two pockets too - one to put your phone, the other for power bank/tissue to chope seats/money/ezlink card. 

Victoria Secret Blankie RMB35 (~SGD7)


Got this for fun because it is cheap for a blanket, it is light too, so works well for people whose shipping agent calculate shipping cost by weight. It is not as thick as those blankets you see selling for $15 with cutesy designs at shopping centres push carts or pasar malam = perfect for SG (in an aircon room) I got it from the link above, but the design and price has since changed. Now so cheap wtf, get it already!

Decathalon Saved-My-Life Backpack (30L) RMB99 (~SGD20)


Siao ah? SG got Decathalon, you buy from Taobao?!

Indeed, I first saw this bag at Decathalon while I was shopping for stuff for my Switzerland trip. However it came in some white-yellow color combi which I thought was very uncool impractical. White bag and hiking = recipe for shit dirty bag. Besides it cost about SGD30 okay, import from Taobao also not so ex pui!

This bag is huge enough to put as many crap as you wish, which is awesome! Unfortunately it is also like Doraemon's pouch (i.e. one main compartment only, with no side pockets or back pockets etc inside the bag), so be sure to put your stuff in pouches if you want to take them out quickly. It is also very comfortable to carry, with foam support at the back. However this is NOT the bag for school if you need to carry laptops or heavy textbooks because while it is fairly good for hiking, the cloth is not the verrrrrrrry thick sort you see in atas hiking bags, there is no telling when it would rip apart muahahaha.

This is just a random picture of me just to show that I did went to Switzerland and that I am carrying the bag. Cannot see? You need to get your eyes checked man. 

Not 100% water resistant, but ok still can ski pants RMB59 (~SGD12)


We also went up the Glacier Paradise at Zermatt to see Matterhorn and at 3883m (12,740 feet!) there are ice kachang-like substance snow on top! A normal pair of pants will not do! So we bought a pair of ski pants just for this even though we don't know how to ski (and skiing is farking expensive in Switzerland). The pants is not 100% water proof/resistant because I splattered quite a bit of water on it before the trip and the water went through the pants slowly. It didn't matter because it's not like I sat on the ice kachang for an hour or something. This is good if you are there to make the ice ka chang into snowman and other random shapes. There is a layer of wool (?) in it, so if you wish to wear another pair of leggings or what, you should get 1 size up. If your leggings are the thin ones (think Uniqlo heatech), then take your usual size! 

Ok ending here abruptly as usual. 

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