[[Taobao Review IV]]- The House That Taobao Built

Ok accurately speaking it is the house that HDB built, but this title is just more sensationalistic bleh.
We have moved into our new BTO for about half a year now, so far no leaking roofs or exploding toilets.

Apart from standard carpentry/renovation, we also found ourselves with the joyful task of purchasing furniture. We turn, once again to Taobao for help. Specifically, we went knocking the doors on Ezbuy  Prime (#notsponsored please) because with $2.99 you can ship unlimited furnitures over. To be as cheapo as we are allowed to be, we waited for free agent fee days just so we need not pay an additional 4% on top of the cost incurred. This has led to some sligghhhtttt delay during our reno period when the contractor was asking for our lights, but in the grand scheme of things, it hardly mattered.

Now that the dust has set (quite literally everyday -,-), presenting to you some of our well-thought out  decisions.

Before that.. this its just a photo of our dining table packed into crates. I am thankful to the seller/Ezbuy (cannot tell which one obviously) for packing the stuff quite securely. Also the delivery guy had to go somewhere before COMING BACK to help me bring the stuff in. The table is easily 50kg. I have negative experiences (like wrong orders, spoilt items) with ezbuy too, but it is times like this where all shits are forgotten. Also, hello?! $2.99 shipping for a dinning table?! How cool is that?

1. Aforementioned Dining Table

For approximately $800, the entire dining set (yes including the chairs which are not properly shown) came floating in across the sea to our house in perfect condition. Table is big enough for 4-5 pax if you don't put so many ding ding dong dong on the table like I did. Also very sturdy, so no worries about having the slab dropping on to your legs anytime. I would however caution that this table needs slight maintenance as it feels like a solid surface - which means that in the event you drip some soy sauce on it, please wipe it away IMMEDIATELY. Then again, having placemats would also solve this problem quite easily.

Unfortunately the link which I used to purchase from is no longer a Prime listing,
so here are two others:


which are actually cheaper!

2. Because we are not gamers

Here's a photo of the chair in action!!!

And a solo passport shot of the office chair. 
For $50, we have to fix everything up ourselves, probably less comfortable than those 3-digits gamers chairs but they suffice since I rather spend my time lazing on the bed than anywhere else. 


3. Beanbags should be made MANDATORY

Came across Muji beanbag chairs while shopping for house-warming gifts and they cost a whooping $180- $200++. While we did eventually purchased the real muji for the house owners (thank god for group share), we weren't able to bear giving away the same amount for our own house.

https://ezbuy.sg/category?isPrime=true&keywords=muji%20beanbags -> gives you all the different listings. I cannot remember which one was mine, but safe to say we got it for less than $80. Just remember to look if the beads are microbeads before purchasing. The normal-sized beads are just not good. 

4. Everyone needs their own pet

Husband was looking for a stool to sit for the purpose of wearing his shoes every morning. Most stools are just very boring or Ikea-looking (whatever that may mean to you). So for $25 we found a cow for him!

There are other animals now like elephants and rhinos, but the cow still looks the cutest I think.
Also it has since been given its grass patch, $5 from Taobao duh (which would be gone next year).

Till the next time!

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