Collagen Drinks Aside, We Have A New Kid In Town!

10:47 PM
Ah! I love technology! 
Previously collagen drinks flooded the market but now we have a new kid on the block! 
Avalon recently introduced the first young orchid stem cell drinks and....

it promises these benefits!
Basically while collagen helps in retaining suppleness to the skin, it itself is not sufficient to fight the skin ageing process which is why stem cells are needed first to help maintain the healthy skin cells. It is a bit like watering a plant, there is no use watering (collagen) the plant (skin cells) multiple times if it is already half dead. Some fertiliser (stem cells) may be required to revive the plant first.


I was really happy to receive the drinks as my skin was somewhat dry thanks to a particular cleanser. Of course it is not a miracle drink, but it did help me retain moisture as I try to make my skin recover to its original state. Most collagen drinks, despite their promises tend to have the fishy aftertaste, because they extract the collagen from sea sources. They are also more juice-like, I presume to cover the taste of the collagen. I like the stem cell drink because the base is sparkling water, making the drink very light. Oh, it does not add too much to your calories count :p


the drinks can be purchased from Watsons, Unity, Robinsons, ALT, OG, Yue Hwa for $69.90 (10 bottles)
You can get 20% using the code TSS-20OFF from too!
let's drink to our youth! Tip: for better taste, chill the bottle before drinking :)

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