5 Good Buys From Taobao [Part I]

Updated Part II of this series: http://popiahc.blogspot.sg/2016/09/5-good-buys-from-taobao-part-ii.html
Updated: Buying furnitures from Taobao? Check out http://popiahc.blogspot.com/2017/09/taobao-review-iv-house-that-taobao-built.html

I anticipate that there would be a lot of parts to this, partly because Taobao has now replaced US stores as my no.1 place for online shopping (the USD is too shit strong @#%@#%), but also because I don't want to overwhelm people with too many products in one post. I have used a variety of shipping agents to get these stuff, but as a general rule: anything that is electronic or if I am feeling cheapo, I used for sea shipping. The below are five of the products that I have bought (using my own cash hor).

P/S no actual picture of the products would be shown because they look exactly like what it is in the link! Also, prices shown are BEFORE shipping fee to SG.

Victoria Secret - RMB39 (~SGD9)

Don't think this is authentic but this was a life saver when I went to Japan because the bag was very spacious! I actually saw someone bringing the same bag overseas too when I was waiting for my luggages *facepalm*, but anyway another reason why I like it is because it is very light too, so for those people who love to bring loads of stuff on to the airplane, this is like another luggage for you :P

I got this from https://item.taobao.com/item.htm?id=44927948865&_u=o22165vh70f5

For those with sensitive feet RMB2.90 (SGD0.63) each

There are many of such things in SG and they are super expensive like SGD5 ++. Siao ding dong, as if I will spend beyond 5 bucks on this, everything also made in China what!  Daiso has some of these cheap (SGD2) but they do not really work on me. Anyway, I bought the black one and it was so comfy! The shop sells protector for other parts of the feet too! So if you are prone to blisters, this would be a good option.

Get them here: http://world.tmall.com/item/38027513163.htm?id=38027513163&_u=o22165vh6f57

Dress RMB75 (SGD17)

The most expensive stuff out of this entire list. I usually cannot find clothes that fit me on Taobao, except for clothes from this shop and one other shop. Material is really good and in fact some blogshops are also selling them here, for DOUBLE the price -.- so if you want to be an ass, you can always walk into those shops, try and buy it here:

Update: this dress has been delisted but you can visit the shopfront here to see other designs!

Wifi-extender RMB 39 (SGD9)

Even though home sizes aren't that big in SG, somehow the routers seem to be doing a shitty job in extending wifi signal to every part of the house. I have a router that is in the living room, but somehow my room just cannot receive the signal. Typical wifi signal extender cost over SGD30 but all I need is a simple, uncomplicated one to use so I got this - and it really works!

I have some concerns with security and stuff seeing that this from Xiaomi, but so far so good. Get this cheap extender if you have problems like mine.


Romoss Powerbank mAh10,000  RMB69.90 (SGD16)

This is another essential item because we are doing so much on phone these days, the battery life seems relatively shorter compared to when we were holding Nokia 8250. Normally it would cost over SGD25 to buy a power bank with capacity this big, so this is really worth it. Not to mention it charges phone really quickly and the heart shape design is cute too :P The only downside is that it can be bulky but you can always choose a thinner design for a slightly higher price from this shop.


Have you bought anything from Taobao before? Share your loots!

Part II of this series: http://popiahc.blogspot.sg/2016/09/5-good-buys-from-taobao-part-ii.html
Buying furnitures from Taobao? Check out http://popiahc.blogspot.com/2017/09/taobao-review-iv-house-that-taobao-built.html


  1. Wow, I never knew there is such a device like that wifi extender.
    The dress looks very nice anyway ^^
    And i don't know that VS has such a cute bag ^^
    Thanks for sharing :)


  2. i never thought of buying anything from taobao. its the quality that puts me off :/

  3. Looks like good picks, that dress is beautiful.

  4. I do agree that buying clothes from TaoBao is a challenge. So I gave up and just buy some items instead. =)

  5. Never heard about taobao but it's definitely great picks from you!

  6. that dress is so prettyyyyyyyyyyy. you should post an ootd for it! <3

  7. I want the wifi extender also! Whenever I'm in one side of my living room, the signal becomes so weak and it's annoying.

  8. what a great pick that you bought from your holiday and travelling.
    victoria secret is catching my eyes :)

  9. Indeed some good buys. I like the dress and the VS bag must have been so convenient since it is so light and you get to pop lots of stuff in it.

  10. Haven't heard about Taobao until this post. Love that dress you picked and that VS bag.

  11. The power bank looks super cute! Great picks :)

  12. I absolutely love the dress! I did browse through taobao but always failed to understand their service because I only see some Chinese(may be something else, i don't know) language there which i don't know! couldn't find any other language option either! can you suggest me something on this fact?

    Do drop by... GreenStory

  13. Great buys indeed I'm gonna go check them out. THanks for sharing.

    xoxo - GIG Love - Chai

  14. really cute things, love the dress!

    danielle | avec danielle


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