[review] The Cleanser That Killed My Face

A couple of months back my St. Ives scrub was running low and I decided to try a new cleanser.
Bifesta new foaming whip caught my eye because it was new and also it was giving the makeup remover tissue thingy for free with each purchase. $9.90 a bottle + wipes why not?

I have been a user of their cleansing gel before and it removed makeup pretty great.

So I picked the green bottle - the one for oil control. 
Everything was great initially. The foam was as thick as the one you see in the picture below. It was pretty fun to play with the foam, making moustache and all... 

Until one day, I felt the stinging sensation when I was applying other essence and gel post-wash. A sensation that I have NEVER felt before. I ignored the sensation thinking "yay great! Now all the essence will be fully absorbed!" 

After two weeks, my skin got really dry around my cheek area and started to peel. 
Le sigh. Even my facialist could only do so much to save the face. She also added that products with a lot of foam usually stripped the natural protective layer away (macam like using dish washing liquid on your face) so it is best to avoid them, ALTHOUGH there are some that do not. 

Thanks to Bifesta, I got to know first hand how my future old self would look. Because old = drier skin right? Granted I could have bought the other 2 versions. I would not know the effect of those two on my skin now because I am NEVER buying any bottle again. My facialist have been using products suitable for acne skin (even though I don't have acne) on my face, so for this Bifesta to cause so much havoc, it made me wondered just how much chemical they packed into this bottle. 

It's been about two months now, and my face is getting back to normal all thanks to the products that my facialist generously gave me for free. I guess my point is if your face is not seriously oily (e.g. combination skin) please avoid the green version. 

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