Beauty Keeper X Sample Store [review]

11:15 AM

Received a few skincare/cosmetics products from Beauty Keeper X Samplestore previous. Two of them were really heaven sent!

L-R: Cleanser, Foundation, Moisturising cream

Shall start with the one I didn't quite liked... 

Minorca Skin Ideal Flawless Beauty Cushion Mousse (the one with the black lid)

Man this one... I have no words. 

First you don't know what is the colour of the mousse. How does one even decide to buy a "foundation" WITHOUT knowing how the shade is like? With only one shade available, this does not fit a large majority of the women (including yours truly).
It felt like mousse... but it also felt like you have a layer of "something on" on your face. Initially I thought it would turn powder or something but nah. Also the packaging was really horrid. There's this this white thingy that covers the product which is great to show that it is new etc. EXCEPT THAT IT GETS STUCK TO THE MOUSSE and it was damn unhygienic to remove it. Like you literally had to dig the whole thing out. Le sigh.
Also I didn't want to stick it back because I will be faced with the same problem again, so I just put the puff in and closed the lid. Wrong move. I got the products on the cheapo puff instead. 

This is not what you want to spend $38 on. 

PSK Deep Sea Source Extraction Intensive Hydra Cream

This was quite good! 

I liked that it has a central focus on repairing the skin. 
Previously my skin was ruined by a cleanser, so I used this to moisturise it. 
It really worked wonders! My face became less dry over the next few days of usage. 
However, as it got more moisturised, the product suits me lesser as it felt sticky even after a night's sleep :(

This product would be really good for those with dry skin. 

My only gripe is the design of the packaging (again) 
This white colour lid is too hard to lift up. The "knob" was too tiny. 

 Lastly, the top product!

MD/AA Jiao Pulsed Mask Foaming Face Cleanser

This replaced that cleanser that ruined my face. The combination of this and the hydra cream really helped repair my skin a lot. I also like that it has this bubbly effect! Face feels clean and best of all NOT DRY after wash. 

The products can all be purchased on!

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