Cherry Blossoms At The Gardens By The Bay

Initially I wanted to go Japan in the Spring for their cherry blossom season but we could not make it in time because bf had to go and serve the army for a week. @#$@#%#@%
Then, we saw that there's a mini cherry blossom exhibit at the gardens by the bay!

So we went there, me thinking that it would look something like that...

you know with two nice rows of trees, some form of alignment.. 
but instead it was..

oh man.
There were a couple of people who went there to take some pre-wedding shoot too. *shake my head*

but never mind!
Because the closeups look amazing too. I leave you with the pictures~ 

Of course we manage to sneak a few shots of danbo in! Here are two!


  1. Wow! The flowers look so amazing. I never really like flowers before but really. They look so beautiful there TT
    Oh! And idk there's a tiger danbo xD


  2. OMG... I also want to go to Japan only for cherry blossom. This is absolutely spectacular.

  3. OMG This is my favourite flower every during spring! Pretty in pink is the best! =)

  4. I love flowers (all kinds) these look really pretty, but the ones in japan sound like they look even prettier.

  5. Cherry blossoms are beautiful, I'd love to see them up close. Such great photography

  6. spring time!
    it's so great to see beautiful view like that.
    i wish there is a spring season in indonesia as well :(

  7. Such a wonderful sight to see all the Cherry Blossoms. Lovely pictures you captured there.

    - xoxo - chai - GIG Love -

  8. The flowers look so pretty! I would love to visit such a pretty place someday. Great photos dear! :)

  9. Great photography! I really want to see cherry blossom for real, may be someday that awesome day will come for me!

    much love... GreenStory

  10. i went on a sunday and the crowd was... terrible! i was quite disappointed with the layout... and didn't expect yet another neverending queue inside the dome to enter the more 'photoshoot worthy' area.

  11. I cannot wait for the festival to start here also. Last time we missed it but not this year - that's for sure! The closeup pics look amazing 💕


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